My Man Training is the result of the knowledge and experience of hundreds of professionals in the field of relationship research. The editors of My Man Training have sifted through technical journals, books and articles of the leading experts in the fields of psychology and relationship counseling. The editors have taken the best of the best and condensed the information into easy to use Tweak-a-Weeks.

Normally if you were to read a book on relationships you might get excited for a week or two but by the time a month has gone by you would have probably forgotten almost everything you read. That’s why My Man Training has developed the Tweak-a-Weeks. The Tweak-a-Weeks present small bits of information, week after week, in a format that will transform your relationship. We understand that you’re busy and don’t have time to read the newest book on relationships so we’ll do it for you.

Our mission, above everything else, is to improve your relationship. We sincerely believe that you deserve the best relationship possible. We will do everything possible to help you achieve a loving passionate relationship.