Save the World, Go Viral

Women have a long history of changing the world by modeling love in their families. Now it’s time for women to step up and change the world by using social media. It’s time for women to reach out to other women and show them that men can be trained to be sensitive, emotional partners in life. By showing women everywhere how to improve their relationships the next generation of little boys and girls will also be changed.

Life can be complicated and many times people feel powerless to change things. People might not agree on political issues but most women would agree that it would be a good thing to teach men how to be more loving and passionate in relationships. It’s now up to women to bring love and understanding into the world through the use of social media. Social networking (Facebook, twitter, blogs, e-mail and YouTube) allows women to connect and share in unprecedented ways.

The My Man Training website has many free articles that you can send through social media. The message that women send to each other can be as simple as: “Check out the website” to as complicated as producing an original YouTube video. If enough women become involved celebrities and news media outlets will pick up the story. With your help, we can change how men relate to women around the globe.