Developing Mindfulness in Your Guy

In order to understand why guys have so many problems in relationships, we will look at the new research in mindfulness and mindlessness. When it comes to relationships, most guys are in a chronic state of mindlessness. That is to say, they are chronically on autopilot and not thinking much about how to be emotionally sensitive partners. They might be thinking about work or sports, but they are not thinking about your emotional needs. These guys aren’t bad guys – they just haven’t learned to think about relationships. Most guys think that going to work, showing up for dinner and cutting the lawn is being a pretty good husband. Many guys believe that once the competition of winning a mate is over, there isn’t a need to spend energy thinking about how to have a better relationship.

The opposite of mindlessness is mindfulness. When a guy is trained to use mindfulness, he begins to realize his woman is the most important person in his life. This isn’t difficult to do because women really are important to men. When he thinks about it, he realizes how lonely he would be without his one true love. He begins to understand that relationships need constant attention to thrive and grow. Instead of being on autopilot, he begins to spend more time thinking about how he could be a better partner in the relationship. Almost all guys want to please their women. So, once they get past their macho defensiveness, they are receptive to developing mindfulness. It doesn’t matter if your guy is a rocket scientist or an auto mechanic – the principles of presenting small bits of information about relationships over a long period of time will work.

My Man Training will change your guy by sending an e-mail (a Tweak-a-Week) every week to him and one to you. The Tweak-a-Weeks are fail-proof because they keep on coming week after week. Your guy will be asked to do only two simple assignments in a month’s time. The sheer persistence of the Tweak-a-Weeks and the way they are presented will assure that your guy becomes more mindful of his part in the relationship. Over time, it is inevitable that he will become more thoughtful and loving of you.