You Don’t Find Prince Charming, You Create Prince Charming

The whole idea that you find Prince Charming and live happily ever after is all wrong. Prince Charmings are not born, they are created. Disney movies would have you believe that if you kiss enough frogs you’ll find Prince Charming. In real life any skill takes years to develop. If you think about it, what guy has gone through any training to make him particularly good at being a loving devoted partner? For the first 18 years, the typical guy has a mother who takes care of him. Usually, he doesn’t have to worry about fixing meals, paying bills or sacrificing anything for anyone else. When he does venture out of his artificial cocoon, it is usually in a school setting or competitive sports.

School teaches him to mind his own business and not to be overly concerned about the kid sitting next to him. If the kid sitting next to him has a problem, he will have to solve it on his own. In history, he will learn how guys have spent thousands of years endlessly fighting wars. In sports, he will learn that, even in a “team sport,” it’s all about how well you can hold your own. None of this seems like a great way to train Prince Charming to be a loving companion and soul mate. If you want him to be: totally devoted to you, sensitive to your needs, willing to help, and never critical of you, you will have to be willing to do some serious man training. Guys by their nature want to be protective and loving of women but they have received almost no instructions in this area. They know how to play the dating game to catch their prey but after they have caught their woman, they don’t have a clue what to do to meet her emotional needs.

Learning to love well is a real skill. If you want Prince Charming, My Man Training will train your guy for you.