A Closer Look at How to Train Your Man

snuggling couple In the deep recesses of our hearts, we long for a loving compassionate companion.  A companion who will understand us and will be sensitive to our needs.  Someone who will make us a priority in their life.  Someone who will make us feel like a woman.  Someone who will make us feel safe and surround us with love.  However, the only way you’re going to find someone like that is you are going to have to train him.  The difficult thing about training a man is you may have to expose your sensitive emotional self.  Your emotional self is emotional and it gets frustrated and hurt easily.  When our emotional selves get hurt, we are quick to build walls around our feelings for protection.  Then we try to convince ourselves that romantic love is something that we have for only a short period of time when we initially fall in love.  We quickly try to bury our emotional selves by believing that we have to settle for less in real life.

In the not-too-distant past, we needed a husband to work together with us to provide the basic essentials of life for our family.  Things have progressed and now we need a husband to be our emotional companion and to show our children how to love.  To make this next leap in evolution, women will have to be the brave pioneers who venture into the unknown world of training men.  Women will be the ones who change the world one man at a time.

The first step in training your man is to realize that the purpose of your relationship is more than just getting by and acquiring the basic necessities for your family.  Training your man means you are willing to relentlessly move toward developing a loving relationship one way or another.  Historically, women have been fearless at protecting their young.  In this new evolutionary process, women will have to be fearless about training their men to be loving and emotionally available.  Women need to do this not only for themselves, but also for their children.  Young girls will not be able to grow up and be in a loving relationship if they see their mothers settle for less.  Young boys will not be able to grow up and know how to truly love women if they don’t see it in their home.  For the sake of our planet, women need to be passionate about training men.

You will not be able to be fully committed to training your man if you do not believe in yourself. If you don’t believe that you are worthy of being loved, you will allow your man to be less than he is capable of being.  If you believe you don’t know how to make a difference in your relationship, you will most likely develop goals that seem to be more in your control.  Many women settle for less in their relationship and invest their energy into their job and children.  Being in love means you are willing to fight for the connection between the two of you.  Being in love does not mean you will settle for less because it’s convenient and safe.

The closer we get to another person, the easier it is to become frustrated by their behavior.  The more that person means to us, the easier it is to be judgmental and defensive.  Forgiveness will be an important aspect of training your man.  If your man is going to change, he will need to feel you will forgive him for his past behavior and that you will not give up on him.  Forgiveness means that when he makes a mistake you will not take it personally.  Instead of looking at his behavior as a personal insult, you will view it as a child learning how to do a new behavior.  A good trainer is someone who understands her man is trying and doesn’t punish him for not learning quickly enough.

Training your man means you will help him find his own manhood.  Manly manYour man looks forward to being challenged.  When he was dating you, he liked the challenge of dating.  But once he had your commitment, the challenge seemed to be over, or was it?  If you’re going to train your man, you have to know what motivates him.  Competition is central to everything that motivates men.  That’s why men generally like sports, video games and everything else men like.  Men love a challenge and like working towards rewards so they are hardwired to be trained.  Men want to please us, but they just need to be trained properly.  The problem with men is that they are pumped up with testosterone, which makes them a little insensitive, competitive and definitely against the idea that they need to be trained.  It may be obvious to women that men need to be trained, but it is not at all obvious to men.

So, how do you train this thing called your man?  You need persistence and some professional help.  That’s why we’ve set up a system to help you train your man over a long period of time.  Every week, we offer easy-to-do suggestions in the form of an e-mail (a Tweak-a-Week).  One Tweak-a-Week is sent to your man every week and another is sent to you.  The program is set up so that it will work if your man cooperates or not.  If your man does not initially read the Tweak-a-Weeks, that’s not a problem. Through sheer persistence and positive behavior modification techniques, we will get your man trained.

Believe in Yourself – We Believe in You.

Our passion is improving your man’s passion towards you.