It’s Not Just for Men! Train Your Woman

Yes, men, you can train your woman. As it turns out, when women sign up for My Man Training, they are also signing up for My Woman Training without realizing it. My Man Training is set up to train women as much as it is to train men. Guys have a high tolerance for teasing, so we can get away with calling the program My Man Training. My Man Training would not work if we were retraining only one person. After all, it takes two to dance.

The basic reason relationships deteriorate is the micro-thoughts that couples have. Micro-thoughts are quick, small, internal thoughts that we all have. Many times, we are not even aware of our own micro-thoughts. Micro-thoughts add up over time and turn into generalized feelings. For example, if a repetitive micro-thought is “My guy is messy and doesn’t help,” the result is a generalized feeling of resentment. My Man Training is specifically designed to minimize negative micro-thoughts and to emphasize positive thoughts. The key to the success of My Man Training or My Woman Training is that the Tweet-a-Weeks relentlessly work on developing a positive image for both partners. The Tweak-a-Weeks are easy to read and easy to do, but the cumulative effect will transform any relationship for the better.

Just about all men should subscribe to My Man Training. Men usually are not aware of the frustration and anger that is building up in their woman until things get really ugly. The earlier you intervene, the better. Every man should view My Man Training as invaluable relationship insurance. For the cost, I guarantee, you will never find a better insurance policy. This insurance policy can help you avoid serious financial and emotional ruin. Not only will it help you avoid emotional distress, it also will improve the overall quality of your life. Long-term relationships are the foundation of your emotional health. Your emotional well-being and financial security is obviously important to you, so don’t waste any time. Sign up for My Woman Training today, by signing up for My Man Training.